Deer Season

Southern Tier 2014

Dave and Darrell - It has been a lot of years for us together

You know times are hard when people start trying to pay with Moonshine

Yes it is Honest to goodness OMG Moonshine

I don't drink any longer but it does taste good enough too get Christian man off the wagon

Opening day

Just a few of the nice bucks that came in

This buck was taken in the Northern zone but during the Southern Season that is why it is here

Dick took this one right behind the Meat Shop

Big "6"

Proud of my Dad

Got them skinned and in the cooler

Just a few more to do today

Day two saw some nice ones come in

Few more too skin

A real nice "10" point

Paul with another Nice big "10"

More Big Deer

Big one number 2 this year

Seeing a lot of "8" points this season

Yes She Shot it herself - Nice Work

The snow helps with tracking

Scott with a long spike "4" point

Ben back with another Nice One

Terry Scores

Very Big Horns

Dave & Darrell Mugging for the camera

Look at the Big One I got for my Dad


Tom with another nice one

Was just out for one at the sports bar and look what happened

This nice big "7" had an old arrow wound in the shoulder - See below

The infection made the deer inedible - Better safe than sorry

I been cutting Deer since I was 14 - I am now 60 so I have seen this

type of wound before. I renders the entire animal inedible. Because it is

not the fault of the hunter he qualifies for a replacement tag.

Never take chance with any wound like this - If you are not sure it is OK throw it out!

Nice "6" point

Nice "8" Point

Snow on Thanksgiving 2014

Darrell & Dave

Thanksgiving 2014

Darrell & Dave 1972

We are still good looking

The snow does not hold them back

The BIG ONES just keep coming in - Two nice "9" points

Good work Dan

Nice "8" and "6"

The Big Horns just keep coming in

50 Caliber Death strikes again