Darrell & Liz meet 6Y5RP in Jamaica

Darrell Curtis


146.955 Repeater

UPDATE - September 10, 2012

Bob KA2FWN and I

Built a couple of new NHRC-4 repeater controllers

for the projects in the pipeline.

He knows what he is doing and I can follow simple instructions.

Only burned my finger once.


147.315 is back on the air and has been relocated

to the top of McCauley Mountain is Old Forge

PL is still 71.9 - It is sharing a cabinet with

443.175 with a 103.5 PL

Give it a try!!!!! K1DCC

Notice of co-ordination of 147.315 on McCauley in Old Forge, NY

Bob KA2FWN getting ready to load the equipment

The new can riding too the top

With Darrell K1DCC

Bob getting ready to unload from the chair lift at the top of McCauley

Ready to start the install

Putting the additional equipment in place

Tuning with the Spectrum Analyzer

Ready to program the repeater

A special THANK YOU to


for all the work on this project!!!!!!


The plan is for it to be linked too the 147.240 which will enhance the coverage area well into the "North Country".  When you are in the Old Forge area feel free to give it a try.


K1DCC's - Ham Shack Now

The newest photos are closest to the top of the page.

The Repeaters

***** New Repeater *****


Bob - KA2FWN

Testing the setup of the 443.850 (TOP) while Darrell - K1DCC takes the photo

The Kenwood TKR-750 - 147.240 + PL 71.9 (Between the power supplies)

has been on the air since February 6, 2010

and is now sharing a cabinet with

443.850 + PL 103.5  - A new UHF Station !!!!

It will be on for testing for a while to run in the setup prior to the addition of a link radio to

add to the flexibility of emergency usage in a time of need.

Darrell - K1DCC just posing for the camera Bob did all the work!!!!

147.240 with a 71.9 PL Tone

443.850 with a 103.5 PL Tone

Thanks to R.A.C.E.S. members



Darrell K1DCC


A Brand New Kenwood TKR-750 Repeater is now on the air - 147.240 with a 71.9 PL Tone

Thanks to



Darrell K1DCC


Try it!


Update 09/11/2010

The wind took the tower down on March 14, 2010 so the 147.315 and the 443.650 were off the air until we got the tower back up. We got the 147.315 back on the air but are still working on the 443.650.

How it was

Darrell (K1DCC) working on the old tower.

Yes it is long.

The old tower before it went up

The old tower when it was up

What it looked like after the storm

We took it down to avoid damaging the repeater antenna

New Tower project

Thanks to the efforts of members of the Amateur radio community I was able to secure the necessary tower sections and thanks to countless hours of work by Bob - KA2FWN and all new required hardware we now have the tower up and have the 147.315 repeater on the air again.

First sections of tower going up

9 Element 2 Meter Yagi

TA - 63 Mosley HF Beam

The TA - 63 has a 14' boom 6 elements the longest is 29' long

2 Meter and 440 Yagi's are up

The TA - 63 was a little more difficult

All the Yagi's are up and so is the Pirate Flag

We still have the Repeater antennas to do


The repeaters

The 147.315 has a 71.9 PL tone.


147.315 is back on the air and has been relocated

to the top of McCauley Mountain is Old Forge

PL is still 71.9 - It is sharing a cabinet with

443.175 with a 103.5 PL

I hit the 147.315 from the intersection of Ingalls Corners Road and

Cottins Road in the Town of Lincoln after leaving the MOARC Field Day

Give it a try!!!!! K1DCC

A special THANK YOU to


for all the work on this project!!!!!!



The 443.650 (103.5PL)

This repeater is back on the air thanks to Roelfe Ferrera and Bob Verdon at the 145.170 site.


Below are OLD photos of both the 147.315 and 443.650 Repeaters, Sinclair Duplexers and the antenna at the top of the 78' and 50' towers.

All it takes is Determination, Commitment, Technical support and CASH.


It took me nearly six months to get the UNYREPCO approval for the coordination of the frequency pairs for 147.315.

I would like to extend a Thank You to JPJ Communications and a special Thanks to

Bob Verdon - KA2FWN for all his help.

Public Law 109-295, Sec. 671(b), Title XVIII, Sec. 1805(c) includes amateur radio operators among the communications providers with which Regional Emergency Communications Coordination (RECC) Working Groups are to coordinate in the course of their duties.

How it was being operated when first put on the air.

Brand New Kenwood TKR-750 Rack Mount Repeater

Pictured below is what I started with - just the VHF repeater and duplexer.

Motorola desk mike.

Brand New - TX RX Systems
8625 Industrial Parkway
Angola, TX 14006
Model # 28-37-02A
Sinclair 4 can Duplexer

Here is the tower for the 443.650 repeater going up.

OLD PHOTOS - Both towers up.

This is the old 443.650 Repeater with a 103.5 PL Tone

The 443.650 was linked to the State wide UHF system on 449.925.

Rack mounted with the duplexer (under the repeater) and power supply


Power Supply

K1DCC's - Old Ham Shack


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